About Me


My name is Meg. This wordpress was created by transferring over posts from my Dayre account “megisacat”. I like art, animals, adventuring, and aerospace. Most of these posts will be about my daily experiences or me discussing my opinions on matters that I don’t know much about (or maybe I do know about them – I guess it depends).


At the end of March 2016 I got picked as “Editor’s Pick” on Dayre and I was very surprised and ended up getting like 700 followers that week in addition to the 140 I had. It warmed my heart to think random people who I didn’t know were interested in the things I posted ❤

I do not share much of my life on things like Facebook or Instagram (I do share a ton of my art and pictures of cute animals). But I rarely post status updates or photos of my life on those social media accounts. I think the fact that nobody knew me on Dayre made me more willing to be open about myself. I mean – it was a publicly visible page (which was slightly annoying since I keep my Facebook private and do constantly worry about getting in trouble for things I post with my parents or workplace but mostly my parents because I was very careful to not post any work secrets) but I doubt anyone I knew was able to find it since the app wasn’t that popular in the US.

And if people I know in real life find this – I don’t care as much. I have been unable to bond with most people I meet because I tend to hold back and I am not very honest about myself and my opinions and my feelings. I’m too careful. But that method hasn’t helped me so far so now I don’t care as much about what other people think (that’s really what we’re all striving for as we grow up right? The ability to care less about what other people think?) Oh also I write in primarily run-ons and fragments. I am not an English major nor was meant to be.

Ok that is way more detail than I planned to write. I was just going to mimic my Dayre about me:

  • I have a Bachelors & Masters Degree in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and I’m currently working towards my PhD so I can be called Doctor.
  • I love creating art (drawing, painting, jewelry making, block printing).
  • Also I’m an only child who wished I had a sibling and I’m pretty introverted and I’m good at approaching random cats and at some point I was able to name all the countries in the world and I have been in the newspaper once and on TV news once (I’m at around 1:40 in that clip) and I hate hate hate kitchen sink sponges, getting cuts from pizza boxes, and submerging my head under water.
  • Also I have a sensitive nose.