I got my own apartment

Sometimes I’m randomly sitting in my living room and it occurs to me that my life looks a little like a Pinterest post and I become all happy because I’ve always wanted my own place that’s clean and well decorated. IDK just thought I would tell the world because that’s the point of blogs: to share all the best curated aspects of your life, right?

I did this painting yesterday – I used a picture of Crown House for a reference. I liked that it had the same colors as my living room. I’ve been buying framed canvas art from goodwill and then painting white over it since the cost of a new canvas + frame would end up being more.


LOL standard for all lifestyle blogs:IMG_20200322_122247683

My living room. There’s even a large palm plant thing on the right side but you can’t see it here.IMG_20200322_122950393_HDR

I bought a bird feeder but I’m too short to hang it on a hook that’s on the roof so they’ll have to deal with this for now:IMG_20200322_154301116_HDR

4 thoughts on “I got my own apartment

    1. not in Kansas City – but I did end up balancing the bird feeder at the end of my mop and stood on a stool and was able to get it up! Have gotten several birds when its sunny 🙂


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