How to get things done: tips and tricks for productivity!


Hey readers!

Today I wanted to make a post about how to get things done. In this world with social media and technology and distractions it can be hard and we’re all tempted to procrastinate. But no fear! I’m going to share some tips on how to beat procrastination once and for all! And don’t worry, my tips are actually going to change your life – not like all those other blogs that share the exact same set of tips. That’s because my blog is the best blog!

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1)  Tell yourself you’re only going to work on it for 5 minutes

Because you know you can spend five minutes. And chances are you’ll end up continuing longer once you start. Besides the hardest part is starting right? I mean you’re “reading” this post because you have a tendency to put off work because it’s human nature and we’re naturally lazy. Also because we associate negative emotions with the thing we’ve been putting off. Of course anyone who has even been on the internet and encountered a listicle like this probably knows this advice already and they still read it because reading about how to be productive is essentially productive procrastinating right? You are actually reading this right? Right?

2) Don’t like this post

I repeat: DON’T CLICK LIKE ON THIS POST! We know the real reason us bloggers go around liking most posts is for engagement with other blogs. Sometimes we do actually read stuff and “like it” but only if it’s actually good. Or you skim the post and it looks decent enough to like it so that the blogger who wrote it can see the like and click on your face and read your blog because that’s more important. I mean, that’s why I get at least 2 likes back to back with no time in between. Or a like immediately after posting without the time needed to even read the post. But of course I don’t do this! Why would I ever admit to skimming such carefully written blog posts! I’m authentic!

Now I’m not personally blaming you for this but it’s a thing that’s pretty common on WordPress. Also I don’t mean to make fun of anyone who writes tips on productivity – I do enjoy posts like that. I just wanted to pick a common topic to hide this “don’t like this post” message in to see what happens. If you actually read this then please don’t hit like because then you’re falling for my trap. But it’s ok – I’m sure there are a ton of posts on wordpress where someone hid a “don’t like this post” and I still clicked like because the main tips/bullet points seemed good. Comment “I like this” instead if you actually read this.

Honestly, sometimes WordPress just seems like a “writing” medium and not a “reading” medium. IDK there are some blogs I actually read but it’s just so hard to find good ones.

top view of man holding android smartphone near macbook and newspaper

3) Turn off your phone and put it somewhere else

You know, because of all that social media distractions stuff I talked about earlier and technology=bad? Aww man, remember the good old days when we didn’t have phones to distract us? Instead we would have to get an encyclopedia from the library to learn the answer to some random question that popped into our heads? And we’d have to wait for letters? Wow, those days were great. Internet=bad.

You know you have to get rid of distractions but you don’t really want to. And besides, the apps are designed to be addicting. Just like gambling. The swiping down motion was meant to simulate the slot machines in casinos. Ooooh. Conspiracy.

adult blank business company

And that’s it folks! I have cured you of your procrastination! Now go out there and be a productive member of society. And remember you gorgeous boss babes, hustle hustle hustle! ❤ If you don’t tell your gal pals about that great “small business” you’re running how will you ever make more money? We live in a world where we live to work and we need to keep up with this fast paced society and accomplish things otherwise we’re losers 😦 and nobody likes losers

Work hard like this lady in this stock photo from the free photo library! That pink screen isn’t going to click itself!

Remember to like (don’t do it!), comment, and hit that follow button for more great content!

26 thoughts on “How to get things done: tips and tricks for productivity!

  1. Well thanks for sharing, I learnt quite a bit from this post of yours. Never to make an assumption of skim reading when some of us other bloggers (like me) actually take the time out to read and comment on other people’s content.

    Apart from that, this is an interesting piece of content.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If only we could, or would, work to live, not the other way around. That happens when you find work that you love. Life is too short and work takes up such a big part of it it needs to be enjoyable and feed our soul not only our bodies. See, your post made me think, so I’m liking it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I did read it through, I can relate and I do know how addicting the swiping is… I play Candy Crush for Pete’s sake LOL. I find myself procrastinating on procrastinating just because I hate admitting I do it and sit and spin my wheels pretending to get things done. Thank you for the post! Love it 😀 Brought a smile to my face and a nod ‘Yes’. And P.S. I did Like because I do like it!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This was great! Short and sweet, and made me chuckle inside! How true about the apps we use, and how addicting they are! I have a couple games (not casino games) on my phone that I have been playing for 8 years!!!! I sooo wish I could let them go. Maybe one day. Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I definitely still play candy crush even though its kind of a stupid game and only made to be addictive and to trick some people into paying.

      Hahaha I remember hearing somewhere that the swipe down to refresh that’s used on facebook and instagram isn’t even necessary – like they can program it to autorefresh but they WANT people to feel like swiping – like they’re interacting with it. Kind of like how on slot machines the pull down lever could be replaced with a button but that’s not as fun


      1. It’s definitely not necessary, but the programmed refresh rate might be slow so the implement the swipe feature if you “just can’t wait”. Lol.

        I’m into match 3, but more recently got hooked on Best Fiends, a different variation of matching games. Match Dragons is another cool take on them. Not that I’m trying to get you hooked on more apps. Lol. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it’s kinda crazy – like this is my only post to get reblogged (and it got reblogged twice even) and one of the reblogs has like over a hundred likes? And even like 4 comments saying “great tips!” Obviously nobody read it. Kind of makes you realize that even the blogs with lots of followers and likes have no real readers sometimes

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