Pictures from Price, Utah to Colorado

Sunday June 24, 2018

Leaving Utah and entering Colorado (the landscape changes drastically)

I thought this mountain looked really cool

Up close

Hehe I figured I could have a compilation of old train pictures from this trip.

I love how these little ski towns look!

It started to get dark and rainy as we drove in further and then of course it suddenly cleared up (as Colorado weather does)

Ratties relaxing in the travel cage after the long drive. That night I set up their actual cage at the place where I was staying and they were super happy to have all the space again.

Look at this beautiful hummus! Went to Damascus for dinner (we went here last year too- I’m bad at making decisions about where to eat so I tend to go the same places)

Haha these posts are super late but I’ll be posting more often when I get caught up. I’ve been so busy with work and settling in (just now completely unpacked my clothes from my suitcase and it’s the second week I’m here)


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