Super Specific Sunshine Award

Award Questions

I have been so bad at actually completing these challenges but of course now I’m on campus and need to do some actual work so maybe I’ll give it a try again.

As evidenced by the “super specific” part, I was nominated by Matthew at Normal Happenings (thanks!)


I will now answer these questions and then state that I’ll nominate some people when I have time later and forget to do so entirely:

A new island chain suddenly forms in the South Pacific. Scientists, in the spirit of serendipity, need a name for the archipelago, so they run outside and grab the first person they see walking by. That person is you. What do you name the islands?

Vulpecula. I just like the sound of it (it’s a constellation and in Latin it means “little fox”)

Find any grocery list you’ve ever written – on a post-in note, on your phone, in the trash can. What is the third item on that list?

Tomatoes (I created the list in Google Keep during my panini phase)

Go to any mirror – doesn’t matter if there’s people around – and look at the bottom of your tongue. What is your immediate emotional reaction?

weird – there’s more blue than I remember

Let’s say you could suddenly make all the cable news stations cover animals with the same intensity they covered politics – all animals all the time! Which animal would you want them to focus exclusively on?

the cuttlefish (obviously – my favorite animal)

What is a random 11-letter word? I’ve already said mine – archipelago.

I was going to say octogenarian because I immediately thought of the longest word I could remember but that’s 12 letters. Penultimate?

I’m still not particularly happy with my computer wallpaper. What should I change it to?

Horse Nebula maybe? It’s been a while since I’ve had a spacey wallpaper. Right now I have some generic tulip field that windows 10 put on my lock screen one time (they change it daily or something)

If you could only eat breakfast foods for lunch and lunch foods for breakfast, what would be your go-to breakfast? Your go-to lunch?

some sort of panini & eggs benedict (no ham) with avocado and chili hollandaise

A bedbug bite forces you to have one of these the useless superpowers.
Which of the following useless superpowers would choose and why?
– The ability to make only office supplies levitate.
– The ability to be invisible – but only inside a volcano.
– The ability to, at will, swap any picture on a billboard to a pumpkin.

The ability to make only office supplies levitate. I’m never around any volcanoes (and I’m actually kind of afraid of them) and I don’t pass by billboards that often. I find myself around office supplies pretty often and I’m sure there are many scenarios when that would be useful (I just can’t think of any right now)

Do you hate your initials? If you could have any initials, what would they be and why?

I like my initials. I would keep them.

What is the most recent gum you chewed? Extrapolate a short story of five sentences or less with that gum as a central plot mechanic.

I found some Trident Tropical Twist in a backpack I rarely used but had found suitable for carrying around on Picnic Day. When I was done with it I couldn’t find the wrapper so I stuck it to the top of some paper plate someone crammed into the trash can. “I feel weird just putting it out there on top for everyone to see,” I told my friend. “At least you’re not just throwing it on the ground like some people,” she replied. True story.

So here’s the last post I did where I answered a bunch of questions for 2 Liebster awards and never nominated anyone or asked any questions.

And here is the first ever post where I participated in 2 Sunshine Awards.

I’m recycling some of my old questions but if I nominate you you can choose to do the super specific questions above and call the award “super specific sunshine award” or you can answer my own generic questions. Your choice!

What is your favorite drink?

What advice would your future self give your current self that you are unlikely to follow but you know it’s good advice?

What would you change about the world?

Favorite Song? (post a link/embed a video if you’d like)

Favorite animal and why?

What is your favorite memory?

If you had a day off like Ferris Bueller (a day without consequences) what would you do?

What is your favorite quality about yourself?

What is your dream job?


Wit & Whimsy

Thought for Change

Mauri Tsukada


Chris Lemos

Cinnamon Buns & Roses

I feel like I should just nominate everyone because trying to decide on which blogs to nominate is so daunting (so if you think it would be fun then congrats! you’re nominated!)

time to actually work now….


Just got out of my second meeting for the day and bought some shrimp lumpia from one of the food trucks on campus (they’re basically Filipino spring rolls if you don’t know what lumpia is)

Anyway I had taken my house + room key off my key ring when I went running last night and now I realized I forgot to put it back – luckily I have spare keys hidden outside of each door.


Also I was going through the Normal Happenings post nominations to see if I can find some other interesting blogs (because wordpress is terrible at suggesting good content and I have to do it all on my own) and found a ton of gaming blogs which made me kind of miss gaming (haven’t really played anything on my own recently – got most of the way through Limbo and I stopped Hollow Knight right at the final boss fight because I don’t want it to end yet)

I figured that once I finished Limbo I would do the prequel to Life is Strange called Before the Storm (I remember I was more into blogging when I played that game). I hope this new game has that same crime-solving-puzzle aspect that was in the original (it was cool being presented with all the evidence and then piecing it together or even trying to figure out combinations to locks and whatnot)

Old Blog Posts

I wish I could see all the old comments and interactions on posts from Before WordPress Era (BWE?) but alas they are all on Dayre.

hehe I sometimes like to see what was I doing one year ago? two years ago?

ooooooh that reminds me – if the strawberry salmon tostada was on the menu this day two years ago it MUST be on there at least today! ugh they always remove it from the menu after strawberries and/or salmon go out of season but I love it sooo much

it’s like the closest I’ve ever gotten in my life to truly loving something that even resembled a salad.

OH I guess that whole post was me taking pictures of my favorite foods in Davis (no wonder I titled the post FOOD). I saw the urban fries (best fries I’ve ever had and I would often just eat it as a meal on its own- I used to tag posts that had it with #urbanfries) and the green tea snow (omg)

the lumpia was good but not as good as any of those things from my older post…

22 thoughts on “Super Specific Sunshine Award

    1. Haha then you’re nominated as well! (I tend to not nominate people who don’t post things like this on their blog so I may accidentally exclude people who actually want to participate but haven’t been nominated before)

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  1. Hi there Meg! I know I’m commenting on an older post of yours, inspired by the Super Specific Award I did a while back. But it seemed appropriate because I wanted to invite you specifically to take part in one of our collaborations. I respect you a lot as a blogger, and think you might enjoy this quite a bit.

    The collab called The Characters That Define Us, and it’s about video game characters that were influential parts of our lives. But, here’s the thing, we don’t exclusively want gaming blogs, but also people who only have a passing interest in games and were influenced by a large variety of media types. That seems like you, especially based on your blub in this post!

    Here’s the post with all the details, and I hope you’ll consider joining us! 🙂

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