I woke up this morning with the ending song from Zaboomafoo stuck in my head. Why???

Technically this week is spring break but I’m on campus working. I need to finish up some research work before I leave to visit my parents.

I tried looking up the hours for the little food place things on campus but of course all these university websites are poorly designed and never state the hours in a coherent way! I assume it’s closed for spring break but who knows? I remember the “market” building saying it would be open for spring break but maybe I read it wrong when it was posted on the door. (So many websites fail to put “hours” clearly on their front page or as a main menu item – that’s probably what 90% of the websites visitors are looking for anyway – why make it difficult? Especially restaurants)

Also a lot of people complain about daylight savings time but I was really happy leaving campus yesterday around 6:30 and it wasn’t dark. It’s really depressing entering this building when it’s sunny and then you sit in a windowless room and you leave and it’s already night time (that was like half of my undergraduate experience)

home now ~ it was so windy today (probably my least favorite weather phenomenon as a spoiled Californian ahahaha)

Anyway I saw an ask reddit thread called “Millennial’s of reddit, whats the stupidest “The problem with your generation is” you have ever heard?” and saw this response:

I think the worst one was a post where an older lady was saying that we were so impolite to say “No problem” when someone says thank you. Instead of saying ” You’re Welcome”.

This reminded me ofย this blog post I read recently about how we don’t say “you’re welcome” as much anymore



5 thoughts on “Monday

  1. I don’t get why saying “no problem” is deemed impolite. They should be thankful young people doesn’t feel bothered at all helping ๐Ÿ˜ฎ. Am I a millenial? ๐Ÿ˜

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    1. Yeah! I feel like they have the same meaning too like “you’re welcome to ask me for more favors again!” and “it was no problem at all! It was easy! If you ask me for more favors I’ll probably do it again!” if I were to interpret them haha


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