August 12-23, 2018 – rats, cats, deer, paintings, tiny rant about notebooks

Here’s my attempt at drawing a rat (I actually try to avoid drawing fluffy things because I find them difficult) ­čśŽ poor little thing. Insects like to die near windows – it’s quite sad because you know they were trying to escape. It looks so delicate. June and Henry spooning I attempted using watercolor brush pens to paint some picture I took at Quandary (my last post). They take some getting used to I like how this one turned out much better (it was from a park in Denver): Watched Crazy Rich Asians! It was pretty good (I don’t tend … Continue reading August 12-23, 2018 – rats, cats, deer, paintings, tiny rant about notebooks

Quandary (2nd attempt & 2nd completed 14er)

So a friend and I tried climbing Quandary two years ago but when we were about 1/3 -1/2 way through it started hailing really heavily so we turned back. (My first ever completed 14er was Mt. Bierstadt back in 2015) Friday August 10, 2018 I was recently invited by some people to go hike it again – to completion this time (we met up at 4:00 am and started the hike at 5:45). Obviously it was too dark to see this sign when we first started (I took this picture at the end). The sunrise was beautiful! I think it … Continue reading Quandary (2nd attempt & 2nd completed 14er)

I just heard the dumbest thing on NPR

They asked young people why they don’t vote and they say it’s because they feel the system doesn’t respond to them. LOL THAT’S THE WHOLE REASON WHY YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO GO VOTE IN THE FIRST PLACE no wonder the system never responds to you yeah that’s it for this post. I’ve definitely ranted about young people never voting before. I just heard it while driving home and it made me actually laugh out loud and also yell “THAT’S SO STUPID!” Continue reading I just heard the dumbest thing on NPR


I basically spent all morning reading and watching videos about Swedish culture and wishing we had a thing like fika in America . (it’s like a coffee break but it’s also a way to spend time with your friends or to have a little treat so it’s kind of different in that you’re not rushing to get coffee just to get a caffeine fix for work – idk if I even explained it correctly) (Also I climbed a 14er a few weeks ago so I’ll do a post on that soon). Anyway, this really made me want to sit in … Continue reading Fika

Dragon Boat Festival, Thai Tea, and cute animals

Saturday July 28, 2018 Went to Sloan lake in Denver for the Dragon boat festival! I went last year too – we don’t watch that much of the dragon boat races – it’s mostly to eat Asian food and walk around. I thought they would have a boba truck but they didn’t! This one food truck was selling Thai tea though (I was surprised when a number of interns had never had it before – I guess that’s just me being a Californian and not realizing that those kinds of things aren’t popular in other states) They had spicy ramen … Continue reading Dragon Boat Festival, Thai Tea, and cute animals

Bastille Day, Block Print, & First Time in Ambulance

July 14 – 20, 2018 Yeah this blog is super out of order. But why do things have to be chronological anyway? I’ll just backdate everything in a few months. Saturday July 14, 2018 A friend of mine from work invited me to some Bastille Day event hosted by the Alliance Fran├žaise in Denver. There were giant pinatas and the kids all lined up to hit them: The Marie Antoinette one: We also watched people play petanque which is kind of like bocce ball. There was a Black Arts Festival happening at a park in Denver too so we walked … Continue reading Bastille Day, Block Print, & First Time in Ambulance

Manitou Incline

Saturday July 21, 2018 So some interns invited us to hike the Manitou Incline with them and we accepted for some weird reason. Hahaha I remember visiting Pike’s Peak in 2014 and we saw these stairs from a distance and heard that crazy Olympic athletes come and train on here and we thought “wow that’s crazy”. I guess that makes me crazy too. But also there were all these Coloradans bringing their little kids to hike it with them and the kids would be like “I feel dizzy” or “I feel nauseous” and want to stop but their parents were … Continue reading Manitou Incline