“I’m not like other girls”

(will post about the rest of my trip soonish) Girls who say “I’m not like other girls” are literally the female counterpart to “nice guys”. “Oh I don’t fit in with the traditional view of femininity/masculinity therefore I am better than those that do – but that makes me more appealing to the opposite sex yeah??” IDK I don’t want to be one of those blogs that just reposts stuff I saw on Reddit but this Reddit post is just reposting something from Tumblr so… Also sorry kids there’s some swearing in this but if you are OK with that … Continue reading “I’m not like other girls”

videos I’ve enjoyed recently (poetry, dogs, marine bootcamp, transphobia)

I will make my next post about my India trip at some point but I wanted to share some videos I’ve enjoyed recently: poetry (40 s) I’ve been watching this girl on youtube who writes poetry for some time now and I’m enjoying her “escapril” series which is only 2 days in (like inktober but with poetry). I don’t know if I actually understand what the beginning means but the words are pretty: teaching a dog to sit (20 min) IDK why this is so funny. The dog is so silly. It’s wonderful. I was crying from laughter. what marine … Continue reading videos I’ve enjoyed recently (poetry, dogs, marine bootcamp, transphobia)